Ø CRYPTO UNION Because bank doesn’t matter anymore 1% GXE TOKENS REWARD

Ø CRYPTO UNION Because bank doesn’t matter anymore 1% GXE TOKENS REWARD


Ø Crypto Union Bounty


In order to spread the good word about Ø Crypto Union we are delighted to announce details of our memberships bounty campaign!
As you may already know, we recently underwent a transformation from Genevieve to Ø Crypto Union. We feel this new direction and identity deserves some recognition and attention from the public to find out what we do!

So, to give all you bounty hunters out there an extra boost of motivation to help get our message out there, not only will there be traditional rewards for your efforts, but also we shall be running a prize draw where you can win BIG!

Each activity you complete will not just earn you tokens (details below) but tickets for the end of campaign prize draw as well! The more activities you complete, and more tickets you get, the better your chances of winning! The deadline is September 3.

1st prize
Moon Membership

2nd – 3rd prize
Space Membership

5th to 10th prize
Stratosphere Membership

More infos on our memberships


We need translators to spread the good word to all corners of the globe!

For your chosen language, we require you to translate this bounty ANN (and/or our official ANN) and moderate the local thread.
In order to accept a bounty you must contact us directly and be accepted for the task
Fill the form https://goo.gl/forms/ZI1jy2yu2DEoSbzK2 and send an email to [email protected]

10 stakes + 3 Golden Tickets at the creation
& 1 stake per valid OP post + 1 Golden Ticket (by weekly activity)

Translations from automatic tools like Google Translate or low quality will be rejected
Unnecessary or repeated messages will be rejected for total count.
Only posts written by OP will be counted.

Crypto Twitter is where a lot of enthusiasts, new and old, glean information about a crypto community, and that is why we need to get you guys excited about telling other people about O!

– Follow our official Twitter account
– Fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/sgWEs20ran8pffts1
– Register your tweets EVERY week in this thread with a list of your tweets/RT w/URL links

100-499 Followers:  1 stake (per tweet) + 1 golden tickets (weekly activity)
500-1499 Followers: 2 stakes (per tweet) + 2 golden tickets (weekly activity)
1500-9999 Followers: 4 stakes (per tweet) + 3 golden tickets (weekly activity)
10000+ Followers: 6 stakes (per tweet) + 5 golden tickets (weekly activity)

You can retweet Ø Crypto Union’s tweets or make your own related to Ø
Your followers will be check through Twitter Audit (URL: https://www.twitteraudit.com/), you need at least 85% of real followers
The number of your followers is fixed at the time of your registration, there will be no update
No retweet for tweets older than one week + actions must be spaced at least one hour apart. Participants will be banned from this campaign if these rules are not respected

If you’ve got a little bit of a way with words or a poetic side to you, then please help the movement! Produce any relevant media piece about the Ø project, things related to the Ø project and anything else you can think of to spread the word! Each piece will be judged on its individual merit and the authors reach and readership and awarded GXE and Golden Tickets accordingly. The only rules are you must link to the Ø website and be giving people a reason to want to find out more about what we do! Oh, and keep it family friendly as well, of course!

Fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/wmgqqamSZQKUdVuQ2
Publish the link of your content here

Declined: 0 stake
Range depending of the quality: 1-5 stakes (per article/video) + 1-5 golden tickets (each)

We only accept original content
It should be relevant to our project Ø Crypto Union
Each article or video must contain the links of our Website, Medium and Discord
At least 200 words (article) or 1 min (video)

Be among the first 10000 who subscribe to our newsletter
Register at the bottom of our website: https://ocryptounion.io/
Fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/d4RVBFXwSKRAJzwh1

1 stake + 1 golden ticket

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