Archicoin ICO

Archicoin ICO

ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system of the protected data storage.

Advantages of the system
In the system in addition to the usual storage there is a possibility to put the sites to open online stores, streaming sites, backend applications.
No centralized storage locations, encrypting all the data distributed around the world.
The ability to search files 
All files will be indexed using the chain blocks and are distributed in the network ArchiCoin
Storing structured data
The advantage of the system is the ability to store both unstructured and structured data
System ArchiCoin allows you to execute queries to search, edit, store and delete at high speed. Data download will occur in parallel with different devices in order to achieve the fastest possible data access.
Selling space 
The system has a low entry threshold, giving the opportunity to provide free space to receive the payment as a data storage and mining.
Low cost storage
Over 1 TB of information in the network ArchiCoin will be at least 10 times cheaper than on services such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure
Providing access
In addition to storing data, ArchiCoin offers secure access to user information without interaction with a third party. All this is possible with smart contracts
Advantages of the system
1. A secure way of encryption
All information in ArchiCoin is stored evenly and distributed in encrypted form
in the blockchain. An access to the user files is via the private key.
2. Decentralization
When a file is uploaded to the ArchiCoin network, it is divided into parts that are
encrypted and sent to a swarm of peers. Nobody stores the file entirely even in
encrypted form,so all information isstored assecurely as possible. .
3. Different categories of data .
Using the ArchiCoin service, the user can store both structured data and
unstructured data
4. Independence and autonomy of the system .
The service is completely independent, so it excludes the possible intervention of
regulators or public authorities. The system is completely autonomous. In addition
to the data storage, ArchiCoin offers a secure access to the user information
without interaction with third party.
5. Guarantee of the property .
No one except for the owner can get an access to the uploaded into network
information. An accessto the user filesis done via private key. .
6. Confidentiality
Access to the record is only available for its owner or trusted user with a help of a
private key. No one else has an access to the files, including the creators of the
system. No computer stores the file entirely, that makes this kind of storage as
reliable as possible. .
7. Independent verification by the distributed network .
During transactions or replications, all permissions and operations must be tested
in blockchain in several blocks.
8. Full Synchronization .
Each storage is automatically synchronized with the other participants of the
network, that makes the network absolutely synchronized and.accessible.
9. An access to data .
Because of transparent and up-to-date information stored in the blockchain there
will be no disputes between contractors, so there will be no need for verification
of the information about the contracts. A complete set of the information about
each operation is saved in the network forever, but this information can only be
viewed by the deal agents. Using the opportunities of the network, companies will
be able to reduce credit risks and asymmetry of information concerning the deal.
10. The absence and impossibility of bureaucracy .
Distributed records make it possible to forget about the numerous centralized
information systems that could be used to track the records and data, there is no
need in waiting for the requests to various organs for information coordinating.
11. Speed
The fastest possible realization of transactions and information exchange. Each of
the clients operates in a single database, whereas updated information is instantly
distributed over the market and synchronized with the common database
12. Multifunctionality
The ArchiCoin system's function allows you not only to store files in the system,
but to lay out own sites, open online stores,streaming sites,server part applications.
All stored information will be easily accessible from anywhere in the world, with
minimal cost and lack of censoring.
Softcap & Hardcap
Pre-sale Hardcap $700K
Token sale Hardcap 20M
Our project do not have softcap

Archicoin that will be used in the system
Archicoin may be used inside the system as a main mean of payment for for storage and other platform services. To support and maintain our blockchain-based storage system, we need a computing power of miners and they will be awarded for maintaining the system. Archicoin is designed and intended to be used only within our platform and do not have any value outside it.
Payments Accepted
We accept funds in cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC, BCH and other cryptocurrencies as may be introduced later

Key customers in Archicoin
Our main customers are corporate companies and ordinary users.
Corporate companies: Metallurgical, machinebuilding, energy companies,
telecommunication, transportation and oil service companies; Banks, retail, media, internetservices retail, distribution, goods of mass consumption (FMCG) consulting and auditing companies.

Outlook for miners
To motivate the miners, the mining system was created. System automatically (randomly, according to the lottery principle) distributes ArchiCoin as a reward for providing computing power to support the system.The entry threshold is not too large, what allows to get a result during participation even with small resources.
Mining is expected for a long time, the number of coins is limited and the economy of the project provides stable demand for tokens in stock exchanges to pay for services, that increases investment attraction of joining the project as a miner.

Price for a token at the private pre-sale, pre-sale and Token sale
Price for a token at the private pre-sale : $0.0005
Price for a token at the pre-sale : $0.001
Price for a token at the Token Sale: $0.002
Tokens will be offered the private pre-sale, pre-sale and Token sale
Number of tokens at the private pre-sale: 400 000 000
Number of tokens at the pre-sale: 700 000 000
Number of tokens at the Token: 12 500 000 000
minimum purchase amount
30$ for the private pre-sale
30$ for the pre-sale
30$ for the Token Sale
Accepted payments: ETH
Discount during the Token Sale
(25%, day 1-2) (20%, day 3-7) (15%, week 2)
(10%, week 3) (5%, week 4) (0%, week 5)
Development of the project
After the success of the ICO and the successful development of a stable version of the
product, in September 2018 the first users will be able to spend the ArchiCoin tokens
in order to upload their files to the secure storage and the first miners will be able to
earn tokens
At the start of the project the system will be serviced by 900 miners, the total storage
will be 720 terabytes.
Due to the high demand for the storage of this type, the profitability of the offer,
comparative advantages over other products of this segment and complete security of
the data, the price of the tokens on the stock exchange will grow at a rapid pace. It will
increase the attraction of mining and the rent of its storage. The total storage volume
will grow by 12-17% per month. The network will consist of more than 5,000 miners
in 4 months after the launch of the network.
During this time the team will be developing API for the business and integration
systems with CRM systems providing the maximum security of commercial
information. More than 200 small and medium businesses will be using the API during
the product testing and about 1400 enterprises will be expected on the official launch
of extensions. The attraction of the offer and the demand for services for the corporate
sector will speed up the growth of the token cost, what will make the mining more
profitable in comparison with traditional types of mining. The system is already
serviced by 11,000 miners around the world, and the total volume of the storage will
reach 12.1 petabytes in 8 months after the launch of the project.
After introduction of all services and the increasing of the miners’ number ArchiCoin
will be the leader in the number of corporate clients in the world, the number of miners
will grow at a rapid pace due to the growth in the price of the token and comparative
advantages over other services. More than 10,000 representatives of SMEs use the
ArchiCoin ecosystem for optimizing processes and management. ArchiCoin is the
leader in the number of large corporate clients
Terms and conditions The present document is for information use only and is not an offer or appeal to buy or sell shares or other fund. The ArchiCoin tokens do not accord a supervisory right. The possession of the ArchiCoin tokens does not vest their holder with right of ownership or legal title of property in ArchiCoin. While the community’s opinions and reviews may be taken into account the ArchiCoin do not give any right to participate in decision making or any direction of development of the business related to the ArchiCoin platform. 
Tokens can be used for item purchases at the platform at special price and participate in the loyalty programme. No warranty for obtaining income or profit All the examples of income and profit contained in the present document are used exclusively for demonstration purposes or for the demonstration of the industry’s average values and do not represent any warranty regarding the achievement of these results in accordance with the marketing plan. Regulatory ambiguity The technology related to blockchain is an object of supervision and control 
by various regulators all over the world, with attitudes differing form jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The ArchiCoin tokens, their circulation, as well as any activities regarding them may occur to be illegal in your jurisdiction and one should understand that any possible risks related to them are assumed by the investor only and will the project team compensate them. This is particularly relevant for residents of the USA, China, Singapore, Korea and several other countries where legislative limitations have already been imposed. We recommend 
these residents not to participate in ICO. The ArchiCoin tokens are not an investment The ArchiCoin tokens are not an official or legally operative investment of any kind due to unexpected circumstances the goals listed in the present document may undergo some changes. 29 Though we intend to obtain all the goals described in this paper, all individuals and parties participating in the ArchiCoin token purchase act on their own risk. Quantum computers Innovations such as quantum computer development may constitute a danger for cryptocurrencies, 
including the ArchiCoin tokens Risk of fund loss The fund collected during the ICO is not insured. There is no private or public insurance representative whom the customer could address in case of unexpected loss. Failure risk It is quite possible that due to various reasons, including those open-end, invalidity of business discourses and marketing strategies, there is a risk that the ArchiCoin platform and all the consequent marketing activities regarding the ICO-collected money may fail. Emerging technology use risk Cryptotokens such as the 
ArchiCoin are a quite new and relatively unverified technology. Besides the risks mentioned in the present paper, there are some additional risks which cannot be predicted by the ArchiCoin team. These risks can materialize in the form of other risks beside those indicated. No guarantees You agree that the use or the impossibility to use the v tokens is realized at one’s own risk only and you waive any responsibility from the ArchiCoin platform. From the moment of emission, the ArchiCoin token will be sent to you without any guarantees, explicit 
or implicit, including the renunciation of any guarantees on all implicit guarantees of commercial value ad hoc, without violating anyone’s intellectual property rights, as some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of the implicit guarantees, the above-stated exclusions of implicit guarantees need not be referred to you.
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