Hello all. Welcome to cryptotalksworld.org

We just started again with everything again. CryptoTalksWorld is an online forum for cryptocurrency discussion. The forum was created to boost the cryptocurrency discussion forums already existing with some few modifications. This piece of writing will enlighten you on some of these modifications. The forum has different boards to make discussion easier for new members. … Read moreHello all. Welcome to cryptotalksworld.org

Zeepin Chain, decentralized public chain for creative assets

zeepin Introduction ICOs have become a matter of trial and error. Every now and then, we hear of new ICOs. Different developers have different ideas and some are irresistible. We are forced to join some of these planned innovations and what we realize in the end is that the developers are not able to put … Read moreZeepin Chain, decentralized public chain for creative assets

UBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto

  Intro Ubanx platform is a road that connects physical and digital world with its spaces as it announces its first blockchain retail platform with physical location. With one of the finest President and chairman Pablo Orlando Trackzuk who has won awards including The Outstanding Young Person awards and The Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur and has speechless … Read moreUBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto

100 BTW- Vote for BitWhite to be listed on coinex.


Vote for Bitwhite to be listed on coinex. first 1000 voters will get 100BTW each. Rules for voting: • Minimum of 1000 votes is needed to be considered for listing. ONLY verified (ID) accounts can vote. • ‎We can only vote BTW once per verified account. • ‎1CET is needed to vote for BTW. • Need … Read more100 BTW- Vote for BitWhite to be listed on coinex.

Why you should join the MB8COIN Airdrop


THE MB8COIN AIRDROP IS LIVE… JOIN NOW. Use my username, @sieemma if you want to thank me and you are welcome, mate. A real-world Cryptocurrency with 2100 businesses, and growing, all ready to accept MB8 Coin. Mb8coin will be used to book holidays and travels, or purchase products online within the Multibuycircuit. Successful ICO may lead to … Read moreWhy you should join the MB8COIN Airdrop

KuBitX centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Kubitx cryptocurrency specs

Cryptocurrency is gaining the world’s recognition and as such, things that move with it are also increased to take care of demand. Cryptocurrency exchanges are places where one sells their tokens for another token. They are the most important places that need high security as a break in one’s account could lead the person into … Read moreKuBitX centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Introducing Vanywhere ICO.


Introduction to Vanywhere Welcome to Vanywhere. We’ve been working on our product for more than 2 years, and are excited to finally be sharing it with the world. Since 2015, we’ve raised over $500,000 from angel investors, participated in the Crossrider Innovations accelerator, and been live in the AppStore for testing and optimization. After this exciting journey, … Read moreIntroducing Vanywhere ICO.


Electrical energy is a basic necessity in this technological world. Energy can be generated from dams, wind mills, burning of fossils and more recently, biogas. Burning of fossil is the commonest way of generating energy but unfortunately, it is one of the major causes of the ozone layer depletion leading to greenhouse effect. This kind … Read more4NEW- PRODUCING AFFORDABLE ELECTRICITY FROM WASTE TO SUPPORT CRYPTO MINING