Abyss ICO

The Abyss The Next Generation Digital Distribution Platform with a Revenue Sharing Structure Background The video game industry has witnessed exponential growth in the past decade, with revenues topping $100 billion in 2017. Digital distribution of games now plays a significant role in the industry’s growth as it facilitates the delivery of video game content without … Read moreAbyss ICO

Archicoin ICO

Website  I  Whitepaper  I  Bitcointalk  I  Twitter  I  Facebook  I  Telegram ANN What is the ARCHICOIN ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system … Read moreArchicoin ICO

Rencap ICO

WEBSITE I TEAM I WHITEPAPER I FACEBOOK I TWITTER I TELEGRAM I YOUTUBE I TOKEN SALE BOUNTY I AIRDROP I ANNOUNCEMENT I COUNTDOWN AIRDROP Executive Summary A Honest and Transparent Investment Fund built on the BlockChain. Together, We can achieve the unachievable.  RenCap answers the Question of Cheap International Payment Solution minus the fee of currency exchange. When two party transact internationally, they are exposed to the fee of Currency Exchange and Processing fee. … Read moreRencap ICO

Extrabit ICO

  ANN  I  WEBSITE  I  FACEBOOK   I  TWITTER  I  TELEGRAM  I  INSTAGRAM LINKEDIN The Problem Mining is highly resource exhaustive To mine cryptocurrency, an array of heavy and proficient hardware mechanics is needed. These are a complex set of highly sophisticated computers that help solve the complex algorithms on the Blockchain technology, thus yielding cryptocurrencies. At the same … Read moreExtrabit ICO

Quasa ICO

Prototype #Blockchain Platform  I  Twitter  I  Facebook  I  Telegram  I  Instagram VK  I  Blog  I  GitHub  I  White paper ICO END: Jun 30, 2018 QUASA is a decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency. Such an approach takes the development of logistic technologies to a completely new … Read moreQuasa ICO

Zuflo ICO

ANN  I BOUNTY  I  AIRDROP  I  WEBSITE Trading & Financing One Platform First Integrated Trading & Financing Platform on Blockchain / Sidechain with Financing, FX & AI features and Proof of Business Identity Sidechains EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Zuflo.io aims to be a trading & financing platform for the industry 4.0 era using technologies like  Blockchain & … Read moreZuflo ICO

Autobay ICO

 CROWDSALE END: 21st August. ABOUT Autobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to sell, buy and auction cars using cryptocurrency as payment method. Autobay will become the largest automotive environment in the world whose main objective is to create legitimacy to the cryptocurrency market by allowing the use … Read moreAutobay ICO

Bitfence ICO

BitFence is cyber security company providing global threat intelligence platform on a blockchain. BitFence platform deflects, and counteracts attempts at unauthorized use of information systems and gives your security team an unfair advantage over hackers. PROBLEM: 100% of companies in the world are getting attacked by the hackers and the average detection time is 256 days … Read moreBitfence ICO