UBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto

UBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto



Ubanx platform is a road that connects physical and digital world with its spaces as it announces its first blockchain retail platform with physical location. With one of the finest President and chairman Pablo Orlando Trackzuk who has won awards including The Outstanding Young Person awards and The Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur and has speechless success in his life, the platform is blessed. Trackzuk announced the world’s first one-stop blockchain place offering easy on-boarding to blockchain technologies during Money Summit conference. Company offers the real life benefits that costumers outside digital world seek with goals and core values of helping the information flow and transparency of cryptocurrency ecosystem from customer’ perspective.


The presale and ICO


According to the team, Ubanx costumer is not merely a customer but a member of their company, members of its community are known as Ubanx Ambassadors. Tokens generated by company are ethereum based known as BANX. The tokens offered by the company are different from those offered by other companies. Besides its original purpose, the token helps its owner to have an access to exclusive Ubanx account, a mobile app to operate in crypto-world, the unique Ubanx spaces to co-work and learn at Ubanx Crytpo School. Total of 1 billion tokens have been confirmed out of which 35% tokens have been added in Pre sale and 25% further in Public sale. Special discounts have been allocated on specific amount of tokens purchased. Community also provides luxuries which include Priority Pass, access to VIP Airport Lounges in the most important airports around the world.


CEO Janes Cochesa and team are developing Ubanx Spaces with a perspective to help reducing the knowledge gap between retail client and sophisticated investors. These spaces are considered as heart and soul of Ubanx ecosystem. Company provides its community members with rights to operate Ubanx Spaces as awards using auctions. These spaces are provided in different geographic areas according to the surrounding and are known as ZONEs. The ZONE’s include meeting and auditorium spaces, cowering areas, catering services, help desk, trading desks. Ubanx partnerships include financial institution in Argentina. Team has been making efforts to bring together relationship with business, technology, design, engineering and entrepreneurship. Ubanx team wants to educate regular consumers and experienced investors more into digital & crypto world so their understanding can be on the similar platform.

Ubanx with the help of other companies are securing a professional token. Some of the companies involved in the process include CoinFabrik, MCDF, Cryptologic Law and Fin-tech, La maquinita and many more. Community is encouraged to start their own blockchain-based projects. Stefano Angeli, Trans Atlantica Bank CEO said, ”Ubanx local footprint spaces will bring cryptocurrencies to the streets to a massive level. This is what the industry has been waiting for.”

Ubanx is also running Bounty Program where you can free tokens by helping them to promote using their Signup Link. Ubanx has been a unique idea and successful so far in its pre sale phase which provides 20% additional advantages to costumers. The physical spaces will be increasing as the community spreads throughout the world. Such companies are great initiative contributing towards Crypto-world and are going to play a major role in blockchain & crypto-sphere in near future!


Website: https://ubanx.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UbanxSpaces
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ubanx-Spaces-181987392361653/
Telegram: https://t.me/UbanxSpaces
Whitepaper: http://wp.ubanx.io/


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