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CryptoTalksWorld is an online forum for cryptocurrency discussion. The forum was created to boost the cryptocurrency discussion forums already existing with some few modifications. This piece of writing will enlighten you on some of these modifications.
The forum has different boards to make discussion easier for new members. With just 5 minutes, a new member can explore the forum by following the orderly arrangement of boards. More about the forum is found at the about section

The Various Divisions

Cryptocurrency is widely known everywhere by many people and we have all participated in crypto related activities in one way or the other. This forum was created to continue the promotion of crypto to all the corners, spaces, forests, caves, underwaters, and every part of this planet that you can ever think of. CryptoTalksWorld was created for everyone who loves crypto and wants to talk about it with fellow enthusiasts.
The forum has so many awesome milestones set to be accomplished. The forum has one major objective that almost every crypto enthusiast would want. That is the motive to fight scam in crypto. There are various scams going on everywhere in crypto and that make people lose huge sums of money.
This forum has an objective of helping fight against scam, giving us one our other name, the “Anti-Scam Forum”
Also, this forum introduces a better form of communication with members. Join the forum where you get the chance to communicate with others not only on the forum page but on various social media platforms.
The success of Cryptocurrency depends on you and I. Let’s all build the forum. Let’s make it an awesome platform for discussion and promotion of crypto. Be part of the great community.
Welcome once again. Enjoy your stay here.
With cryptotalksworld, people have a better information resource and a better understanding of cryptocurrency. The possibility of being scammed in cryptocurrency related business is yet to be ended and it takes all members of this great community to accomplish it.

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Administrator: In charge of the overall running of the forum

Sr Staff Members and Associate Staff Members: These are members who were consulted in the decision to make the forum. They are grouped into two based on their contribution towards the running of the forum.
Their contribution to this forum is much appreciated and as such are given a permanent position with exclusive permissions.

Global moderators and moderators will perform the normal roles of a moderator and global moderator.

Anti-scam group: This group is one of the most important group as far as the forum is concerned. Their work is to investigate new projects and mark them as promising or scam. They will use different means to make a fair analysis of ongoing and upcoming projects. This board is not yet set up.

karma associates: This group is like the anti-scam group only that they are concerned with the individuals in the forum. They will be the only groups that will be able t give karma. (Other higher member groups can give karma)
Members will be selected by a special board and based on the recommendation of members.

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Forum promoters: These are early adopters of the forum who helped in the promotion of the forum. Their work is much appreciated and as such, they are given a special tag. They may or may not enjoy any exclusive permissions.

Getting involved in an ICO is one of the most frustrating events ever. It starts right from when you buy the coin/token to when the coin/token is given back to and continues to when the coin gets listed. Even with that, there you still think of either profit or loss depending on market price.
All that I want to say is participating in ICOs is a trial and error stuff even with the so-called famous advisors. One thing I do notice is that in most cases when the ICO does not reach its softcap, the make a refund to the investors. That sounds good but remember it doesn’t always happen.

The most disturbing part of the whole issue is that the backbone of all ICOs, bounty hunters, are left out after spending months of hard work. This is what cryptotalksworld want to solve by creating a token to be used as a deed of trust for bounty hunters.
It has a simple agreement method, you pay ctw tokens to a verified account and your project gets listed and promoted by dedicated promoters (bounty hunters) on the forum. The amount bought will be distributed to the first 500 participants in any campaign. Why only 500 participants? I got worried as well but I later got it that it is done that way to make sure everyone gets paid taking into consideration, the transaction fees.
From the team, this number will be increased as everything moves smoothly for the forum.

Will the token get Listed on an Exchange?
Why not?
It is like all other tokens traded on the exchange.

Will there be an ICO?
No, the team has not planned on selling any of the tokens (100,000,000 ctw)
The initial plan is to airdrop the tokens which is currently running.
Claim yours HERE
There is an affiliate program ongoing as well. Refer a friend and get 2000ctw which I think is very cool.
For the meantime, this is how the tokens are going to get distributed to members of the forum.

What about Investors who get Scammed and never attended to?
Team is still looking for a better way of solving this issue.



The CTW tokens shall perform a lot of functions on the forum.

  1. The first one is the trading benefit (of course every token is entitled to that benefit after listing on exchanges).
  2. The CTW will be used for promotion of projects on the forum. This shall exclusively be for verified projects. This means, you have to pay before your project gets the verification status on the forum. Payment will be 50,000 CTW and then verification will be processed. The 50,000CTW shall be put in the Verification Fund (0xCb66bF451F8Ac4Cd3E350B21c6e51c1EF37ec28F)
  3. In case a project (verified project) becomes unsuccessful, the Anti- Scam group will analyze the issue, and if it is deemed appropriate, bounty hunters shall be compensated with the 50,000CTW for their effort. Money shall come from the Verification Fund (0xCb66bF451F8Ac4Cd3E350B21c6e51c1EF37ec28F)

note 1: This shall only be for bounties that have been verified by cryptotalksworld.org. You can find these bounties here

note 2: This shall be exclusively for the first 500 members registered in that specific verified bounty

note 3: There might be the need for more members to be added to the first 500 members, but approval from the Anti-Scam group will be needed

note 4: This reward system for bounty hunters is not mandatory, but just a compensatory initiative.

  1. And in addition, Hold up to 100,000+ CTW and become a Gold Member.

Get there and never work for nothing again.


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