HubrisOne-the world of mass adoption

HubrisOne-the world of mass adoption

Both the traditional and digital world are lacking faster and cheaper ways of handling funds. There have been a number of ways to curb this but almost all have fallen.
HubrisOne is a mobile App powered on both Android and IOS to be used by crypto enthusiasts for cheaper ways to use cryptocurrency.

The App will also be used as a traditional current account for all our dealings in our daily activities.
Hubrisone is not just ending with this, the team has a native token to be used on the HubrisOne platform. Members of these tokens have more privileges than those who do not hold the tokens on the platform. The tokens utility will include access to premium features.

About the Project:

The campaign is legally registered in the UK: 11529615.   HubrisOne will be authorized by the Financial Authority Authority (FCA) through our UK card issuer as an authorized agent, in accordance with the license of the institution of electronic money. Thus granting HubrisOne access to the EEA permit for all 31 EU countries in the EU. The introduction of electronic money license and regulation to enable and stimulate innovation in a safe and controlled manner.

More about the Platform

The HubrisOne platform, as said above will make it easy and simple to create a bank account in the dominant currencies used by the dollar and the European Union, like the euro, wants to be a pioneer in this field. Thanks to this, the customer can transfer, transfer and store their funds as they do in their bank accounts today, upon the approval of the users of this system which provides solutions to events such as prevention of money laundering.
Get early access to this mobile wallet on the HubrisOne site at
As an early bird reward, each member the downloads the app get 20$ in tokens. This amount will be added to your wallet after the mobile app goes fully live.
Transfer of financial services to the blockchain which increases the transparency of operations and users ‘ funds are stored in their personal accounts, which only they have access to are all done by the HubrisOne app. You can also use a debit card which allows you to get more native HBRS tokens. Quarterly burning of tokens is planned, which may also affect the growth of the course.

Early Access

The project has one of the most active members in the crypto space today because this project is solid and has a simple but helpful use case in the real world.
I also recommend this project to all potential investors who want to be shareholders to go to and get a share of this promising project.
If you are looking to get some native HRBS tokens before they get listed on an exchange, go to to fill your bags.

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