Remme, bringing blockchain to Public Key infrastructure.

Remme, bringing blockchain to Public Key infrastructure.

The internet has now become one of the media through which information is collected from one person to the other. To use these functions, one has to be registered to the platform which they want to access. My question is have you ever thought of the possibility of your password being hacked from the sites you registered with? Did you even realize you are using almost the same password for all the accounts you create on the internet?

The danger here is a complete loss of information due to the unreliability of equipment and infrastructure systems that support information storage services in an efficient state. Centralized applications used implies that if one of the links causes a technical malfunction, then the problem will be followed by the rest of the parts, thereby temporarily or permanently giving users a problem.

People are inclined not to add to themselves unnecessary problems and hassles, in this regard, on most sites that they use, they put passwords, which are not trivial, that are rather trivial. Often, the same passwords are found on all websites which a person registers. In connection with such human laziness, and there is a misfortune – this is used by scammers.

If you have worked so hard to build your company and you seeking to secure it from cyber-attack, then look no further, because REMME is right here at your beck and call. This review covers a brief description of REMME, its powerful features, goals, target prospects and reasons why REMME is the best option to consider when searching for the best security company to secure your business.


REMME is a distributed Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) management technology built on top of the X.509 certificate standard that uses SSL/TLS to protect the entire channel of companies from a cyber-attack. It implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication to protect company’s users, employees, and company’s data from cyber-attacks.

The advantages of the Remme platform

  • There is no centralized public key and certificate database, so they cannot be compromised.
  • There are no additional service fees and data in different systems. You do not need to purchase multiple licenses.
  • There are no restrictions on lock-in and API technologies, providing easy integration with third-party applications.
  • The decentralized solution removes legal restrictions, compatibility issues and collusion between software providers and certification authorities.
  • Provides high anonymity and multi-level authentication of various types.
  • Allows you to monitor all issued and received certificates, providing transparency and equal control over the movement of data.


Developed by the REMME project team, the concept of not introducing passwords as the primary means of protection. They represent an open public key infrastructure protocol, shortly referred to as PKI, with open source with a set of DApps to provide authentication without password verification for people and devices.

REMME in narrow circles is considered a company that introduces progressive standards in the field of information security. The basic principle of the system introduced by them is that standard passwords and logins are replaced by a more distributed and protected system during identification. At the heart of the modern identity platform is the effective SSL Emercoin protocol. New features of the service allow you to reliably save all digital fingerprints of certificates on the unit. This principle allows providing the most secure authorization of users and access to remote sites.

The project involves storing the entire complex of data on the block, without the need to use passwords. As a result, it is possible to reliably exclude risks and dangers in the form of insufficiently effective passwords, the human factor, centralization of servers for data storage. Regardless of the scale and scope of the company, including for start-ups and large corporations, data protection and access has always been a prerequisite for a stable and successful operation. The result is the preparation of a set of effective solutions that prevent the loss of data and funds for organizations of any scale and scope.

REMME token

REM tokens act as the main payment means within the platform and support the REMME ecosystem. Users can pay for tokens to create and revoke certificates, access APIs and DApps, develop DApps, and pay conversion fees.

Details of the ICO and the distribution of tokens

A total of 1 billion REM tokens were issued, 50% of which will be available for sale within the ICO at the price of 1 REM = $0.04. Tokens can be purchased for BTC and ETH. Crowdsale is held in two stages:

  • Presale, which took place in December 2017 and the founders managed to collect a softcap in the amount of $480,000.
  • The main stage of the ICO, which started on February 13, will continue until the hardcap is reached – $20 million.


REMME provides 100% protection against most come cyber-attacks: Phishing, Brute Force, Bucket Brigade, Server Breach, Password reuse attack, Password breach, Keylogging and among others. What’s more is that REMME user authentication takes just one click. And also, for the highest level of protection, REMME provides two-factor authentication.

With REMME, no more passwords, no more break-ins. welcome to the new world of Security where everything is safe now. Look no further, call on REMME now and feel the power a Jedi!
Please expect my next review article on REMME Token economy and Pricing model
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