Rencap ICO

Rencap ICO

Executive Summary
A Honest and Transparent Investment Fund built on the BlockChain.
Together, We can achieve the unachievable.
 RenCap answers the Question of Cheap International Payment Solution minus the
fee of currency exchange.
When two party transact internationally, they are exposed to the fee of Currency
Exchange and Processing fee. RenCap will eliminate the fee of currency exchange
and minimize the processing fee to the minimum.
 RNP is ready to be used by ready support of a group of businesses that will take on
RNP as their B2B payment solution from the traditional international Telegraphic
Transfer which charges much higher and imposed a currency exchange rate.
 We create the possibility of owning an asset that may inflate in value, while being
liquid enough for daily use.
 We do Quarterly Updates with our Investors and are transparent regarding our
accounts and business movement. Most importantly, we listen to feedbacks of our
investors and take into consideration the constructive ones.
 Our Business Portfolio ranges from Agriculture in Thailand, to Manufacturing, Retail
and Crypto Technology in Singapore. You are investing in a B2B/B2C Payment Solution ready to be take on by our first
batch of Actual Profitable Businesses. With you, we will take it to a larger scale and
onto the next level. 


Decentralized Cryptocurrency Funds & Investment Platform B2B CryptoCurrency Supported by a Network of Businesses. RenCap Is Supported By A Network Of Businesses Ready To Take On The Currency As Their B2B Payment Solution. Further Down The Years, Within A 5 Year Plan, RenCap Will Also Plan To Implement Into The B2C Payment Solution Market. With A RenCap Mobile App To Monitor Account Balanaces, RenCap Debit Card And RenCap Payment Terminals In Merchants Around The World, RenCap May Become The Most Convenient Payment For Consumers And The Cheapest Payment Solution For Merchants.



Businesses supporting RenCap will be the first batch of businesses to take on RenCap as their B2B currency for financial settlements. Businesses will be transacting in RNP rather than their own local currency. RNP can be cashed out via the buyback scheme for local currency to settle monthly businesses expenditures. A more attractive contracts can also be offered to businesses that are willing to partner with the first batch of businesses on the condition that all B2B transactions are transacted using RNP.


In our new 5 year plan, we plan to have consumer holding RNP to be able to use the currency for their daily purchases as well. Offering local merchants a better processing fee compared to current rate, we encourage merchants to include our terminal in their cashier terminal(s). Consumer will be able to apply for a RenCap Debit Card and a mobile app to view RenCap account balance. This eliminate the need for currency changing when travelling and a much lower cost for transaction compared to current payment solution for Businesses.


RenCap will be buying back RNP tokens every quarter of the year to release local currency to merchants and consumers in exchange for their RNP. This will provide the foundation support for the token, as well as provide ease of financials for all RNP users for their monthly expenditure.


 RenCap is creating it’s own token RNP. With ready support from the first
batch of businesses utilizing RNP for their B2B Transactions, RNP will be
the future of B2B and B2C International Payment Solution.
 All of RenCap owned businesses and clientele whom work with our
businesses will eventually have to use RenCap(RNP) to transact with our
businesses instead of regular local currency.
 A better and more attractive contracts will be offered to businesses that
are willing to transact using RNP instead of local currency. This is
introduced during the early phase of RNP to attract more businesses to
use RNP in their daily transactions B2B.
 Merchants that accepts RNP in B2C payments will be saving a huge cost
in payment commissions such as the regular 3% in credit card processing
 Consumers will be able to spend RNP in several countries without the
need of exchanging their local currency into foreign currency. With a
RNP Debit Card, this will make the process even easier.

RenCap (RNP) Role in Real Life
RenCap Token (RNP) is the currency we are slowly integrating into all of our real life profitable
B2B Transactions and transactions among clients/customers will be using RNP in the future.
RNP is an important component of this transition into digital payment resulting in quicker and more
flexible transactions.
RNP is created during the ICO Crowdfunding period and the funds from this ICO will be used wholly
to expand the operations of the businesses owned by RenCap and to introduce RNP to more
businesses and distributors of our products.
The supply of RNP is limited to the pre-mined tokens created during the ICO crowdfunding period.
With the Expansion, RenCap will be able to offer better bulk and price contracts to our clientele and
partners in each field. With the condition that each contract’s financial transactions has to be in
RenCap’s Token RNP instead of Regular local currency.

Token and Sale Details
The information provided here does not constitute to an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to
buy RenCap Tokens called ‘RNP’. The information here are mainly for informational and research
purposes only.
The following information summary reflects RenCap’s current expectations to the future of RNP
Token and the sale of RNP.
RNP will be the token and the main currency to be used when transacting among businesses owned
by RenCap.

RenCap Token Sale
RNP Tokens will be offered for sale at an exchange rate of 1 RNP for USD$1.00 or SGD$1.50 or ETH
0.001 during the entire ICO period. The ICO period will last for 4 stages, with each stage lasting
approximately 2-3 weeks each. The sale’s stage 1 is scheduled to begin on April 16, 2018 at 00:00
Hours GMT +8 (Singapore Time) and Stage 4 will end on July 16, 2018 23:59 Hours GMT +8
(Singapore Time).
Total Public Sale would add up to an amount of 20,000,000 RNP spread among 4 Stages.
Bonuses will account for 4,990,000 which is also spread among 4 Stages.
Stage 1 – 50% Bonus
Stage 2 – 30% Bonus
Stage 3 – 10% Bonus
Stage 4 – 3% Bonus



Unsold RNP Tokens
RenCap Tokens RNP are created to be sold during the ICO period. The Core Team, Reserves and
Public Sale gets created at the same time. In the event that the ICO is not entirely sold out and has
RNP remaining, the remaining RNP will be transferred to the Reserves for future expansions or sale.
RNP tokens could potentially not be ‘burned’.

Auditing & Transparency
To minimize the risk to all RenCap’s RNP users, we will reach out to multiple security and auditing
firms which specialize in Smart Contract Auditing. These auditors will verify our smart contracts
before deployment and will also continue to monitor the transactions and sale of RNP.
To further encourage Transparency, updates will be provided to public at every step of the way.
Whenever RenCap make a movement or not, Regular update and notice will be given to the public.
All transactions and financial movements made by RenCap will be made known to the public.

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