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Remme, bringing blockchain to Public Key infrastructure.

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Possible Crypto Market Recovery After Consensus 2018

So I have this friend who’s always talking about a huge market pump coming this month. I asked my friend and he said it is coming somewhere at end of this month. So I decided to make my research about why he said so. I then found out about this great crypto summit incoming on 14th May, 2018. The Summit will be a three-day summit and hence will be ending on May 16, 2018. This is going to be held in New York City and will be hosted by CoinDesk with a fellow co-host New York Economic Development Corporation.

Everybody is talking about the ending of May 2018. Because this is because one of the biggest and most influential crypto summits where major discussions about blockchain and crypto go on. It has been predicted by many that a large pool of amount will be entering the crypto market after that summit. This is good news for the crypto market. This shows we’re going experience a  possible market pump

What is and Who Attends Consensus?

As stated earlier, it is the platform where major industry players meet to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as other associated technology. This year’s Consensus will be organized by CoinDesk and co-hosted by New York Economic Development Corporation

Other major tech companies who are going to be seen around include IM, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, major banking companies and accounting firms and so many big industry players. Source: Coinpage. Another article by Cryptobriefing also indicated that, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HP) will be showcasing a smart car which shares data with other vehicles over the blockchain.  According to source (same before), it is also an opportune time for crypto startup businesses to meet the ‘big men’

Consensus Is Of Interest Because of History

The beginning of last was somehow similar to what happened this year. Prices of Bitcoin and the Altcoins were all thriving steadily but the paradigm shifted after the Consensus Summit. It has happened consistently for the past two years. According to Coinpage the same thing happened and Bitcoin increased 2.6% and 26% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. So are we going to see an upsurge in the crypto market? This may be the bull run for this year. This happens because of the potential many companies, businesses and the mass attendee see in blockchain technology.

Well, let us hope this turns the table around for the crypto market. We await the best moment to happen for this year after this summit. So now if you hear someone talking passionately about the state of the market at the end of this month or year then it means that person might be referring to Consensus 2018 in one way or the other.

So what are your views on this? Do you also believe in the possible bull run to come?


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