UBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto

  Intro Ubanx platform is a road that connects physical and digital world with its spaces as it announces its first blockchain retail platform with physical location. With one of the finest President and chairman Pablo Orlando Trackzuk who has won awards including The Outstanding Young Person awards and The Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur and has speechless … Read moreUBANX | Physical Locations of Crypto

Ubanx bounty

  All bounty participants must join Official Telegram https://t.me/UbanxSpaces and Bounty Group  http://https://t.me/ubanxbounty BOUNTY PROGRAM RULES We are offering a total of 1,000,000 BANX tokens ≈ €120,000 to be distributed among participants of the first Ubanx Token Sale Bounty Program campaign. Campaign ends when the 1,000,000 BANX tokens cap is reached or Token Sale ends. Ubanx reserves … Read moreUbanx bounty